How to Train a Chihuahua ?

Training a Chihuahua can be difficult, but it is possible. It will take patience and dedication on your part to train this pup. This article provides some tips to help you along the way.

Chihuahua Training

Prepare yourself for the training process by understanding your Chihuahua’s instincts. This is important in keeping your pup happy and healthy, while also getting him to do what you want.

Chihuahuas are naturally pack animals that need leadership from you, their owner. They look to the leader of the pack (or family) for direction on what is acceptable behavior and what is not. If he does something wrong, scold him in a firm voice using his name or an obvious command word like “no!” or “eh-eh”. The most important thing to remember when training your Chihuahua is consistency. Use these methods consistently with every member of household so they all know how they are supposed to behave.

Chihuahua Trainers Tips #1

When training a Chihuahua, do not hit him or her with objects. This breeds distrust and is unnecessary. Instead, make sure he knows you are the one in charge by using verbal correction like “no” or “eh.” You should also use physical corrections sparingly; instead of hitting your pup scruff him by grabbing his loose skin at the back of his neck under his collar. Make sure to correct bad behavior firmly but lovingly to avoid creating resentment. Click here for more tips on How To Train A Chihuahua .

Choosing Your Chihuahuas Training Collar & Leash

It’s important that you begin leash training your pup early on so you can take him to the vet if he needs it. A no-pull harness is best for your Chihuahua since it discourages pulling by applying pressure at their shoulders and back, rather than just the neck.

Chihuahua Trainers Tips #2

It’s best to keep most training sessions short (5 minutes or less) with quick small break periods in between. If they make a mistake, ignore them for 30 seconds before trying again. Be sure to remember that training will be easier this way. Making mistakes doesn’t mean they are bad dogs; all puppies make mistakes! It does mean, though, that they need more practice and consistency from you as their owner/trainer. Click here for more tips on How To Train A Chihuahua .

Chihuahua Training Commands

One of the most important commands you should teach your new pup is “leave it.” This can save his life if he starts to pick up something dangerous like a bee-bee or piece of trash. Early socialization is also helpful in preventing aggression problems, so take him with you everywhere when he is still young. It’s important that he gets used to people, animals and situations while young! Click here for more tips on How To Train A Chihuahua .

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