How to Potty Train a Chihuahua ?

Every dog has a limit to their bladder and bowel control. When that limit is reached, they will need to relieve themselves as soon as possible. This can be inconvenient for your pup and embarrassing for you! So how do you teach your Chihuahua the skills needed to go potty outside? With patience and dedication, it’s not too hard!

For the first two weeks, you will need to take your pup on at least five walks or play sessions a day. You should also feed him on schedule too. This will show him that each time he gets these things, it is time to go out and relieve himself. Do not free feed your dog if he ends up eating his own “business” so be careful! However, some Chihuahuas are trained through free feeding. So it is possible if they are fed by humans every hour of the day so it really depends on you and how much effort you want to put into training!

Step One: Paper Training

If your Chihuahua has never had any bladder or bowel control then this step is your best friend! Paper training, however, only works on dogs that are young puppies. It is not recommended to use paper training for adult Chihuahuas .

To begin paper training, all you need to do is put some newspaper down in the area where your dog will be relieving himself. You can set up a small section or just cover an entire room with the newspapers. However, do not go overboard and make it too big of an area because if your Chihuahua misses even one spot, he may become confused as to why he didn’t get praised for “going”. This can slow down potty training significantly. So it’s okay to be strict at this stage!

Step Two: Time for the Big Leagues!

Once your Chihuahua has mastered paper training, it is time to move onto taking him outside for potty breaks. If you are bringing in a new pup into your home, then it may be hard for him to learn where “outside” is. This is one of the reasons why many pups get confused when being taken out to potty at first. So you will have to train him that “outside” means only one thing: Potty time! Outside with newspapers or inside with newspapers? That’s up to you but if he has never been paper trained before, do it indoors .

The best way to transition from paper training to actual outdoor or indoor training is to take him out on a leash. Bring some small treats with you too! Walk around the house looking for the best spot for your Chihuahua to relieve himself. Usually, being adventurous is always good so go somewhere that he hasn’t gone before. Not only will this help train his bladder and bowel control, but it will also teach him where “outside” is located in case he gets lost at least there is one place he knows!

Step Three: Praise makes Perfect!

Your Chihuahua has probably not had much praise or affection up until now so once you finally find an appropriate area to potty for him; make sure you let him know what a good boy (or girl) he is! Throw him a treat and some petting for relieving himself in the spot you chose. The more he gets praised, the faster he will want to go outside every time! Eventually, your Chihuahua will learn that when he needs to go potty…he has got to go outside .

Step Four: Housebreaking Time!

Now you’ve come this far and it’s time to teach your pup not to relieve himself in your home ever again (or at least try). This can either be easy or difficult depending on how much patience you have and how fast your Chihuahua learns. All dogs are different so don’t get discouraged if it takes longer than expected. Your pup just might be stubborn but don’t give up and let time do the trick!

Every time your Chihuahua pees or poops in the house, take him outside to where you would like him to go after. Praise him when he goes on the grass and then bring him back inside with no punishment. No yelling, no spanking, and no rubbing his nose in it! If you treat your dog badly every time bad things happen then they will end up hating you more than loving you .

Step Five: Back to Basics!

For some reason if your pup still can’t get it right after a while of training and practicing…it might be time for some tricks. You may need to retrain your Chihuahua and go back to the basics. Start paper training all over again by putting down newspapers or a box in an area where he has gone before. If you catch him going in the wrong spot, bring him outside with no punishment and take him back inside afterwards. Eventually, your Chihuahua will learn that if he needs to do his business then it is time for the outdoors!

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