How Big is a Chihuahua ?

What is the difference between a Chihuahua and a Great Dane?

It might seem like they’re different breeds of dog, but in fact, they’re just two ends of the same spectrum. A Chihuahua can be as tall as 12 inches (30 cm), while a Great Dane can grow to 36 inches (91 cm). But what about their weight? The heaviest recorded weight for a Great Dane was 221 pounds (100 kg). That’s almost three times heavier than the lightest recorded weight of 59 pounds (27 kg) for an adult male Chihuahua. Clearly, there are some major differences between these two types of dogs!

Take a look at this Chihuahua weight chart.

Weight: 4-10 pounds (1.8+ kg)

Often referred to as a ‘toy’ breed, the Chihuahua is one of the smallest breeds of dog on earth and can grow to be as tall as 12 inches (30 cm). Because these dogs are so small, they only need to eat about 1/4 cup of food per day and exercise minimally each day. However, they’re still just as intelligent and emotionally complex as larger dogs. A full grown Chihuahua requires special care, including proper nutrition and veterinary attention. Luckily for their owners though, these lovable pups make for great lap warmers.

Weight: 10-25 pounds (4.5+ kg)

The Dachshund is a well-known breed of dog that’s very similar to the Chihuahua in both appearance and temperament. They’re also comparable in size, although they tend to be slightly bigger than their longer counterpart. A full-grown male Dachshund can grow up to 17 inches (43 cm), which puts them right around the weight range for this category. That being said, these dogs are best known for their hunting skills thanks to their strong sense of smell and stamina. If you’re thinking about getting one as a pet, make sure that you understand their specific needs such as adequate exercise and grooming regiments!

Finally, let’s take a look at this Great Dane weight chart.

Weight: 100-120 pounds (45+ kg)

Coming in as the largest and heaviest breed of dog, the Great Dane often lives up to its name. With a height of 30 inches (76 cm), these gentle giants measure almost twice as long as they do tall – not counting their tails that can reach to 30 inches (75 cm) long! Their average full grown weight ranges from 120-200 pounds (55-90 kg). In fact, the world record holder for tallest dog ever was a Great Dane who reached an incredible 44 inches high! Because of their immense size, Great Danes have very specific needs including plenty of exercise and space. Grooming their thick coats doesn’t need to take too much time either, and many owners choose to clip them instead of brush them.

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